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 Event management is the process of planning and managing events from small to large-scale. This provides opportunities for people to experience and explore the area. in conclusion, connect with others, experience diversity of cultures, celebrate, and be creative or innovative. Events contribute significantly to community building, lifestyle and leisure enhancement, cultural development, tourism promotion and increased visitation, volunteer participation, fundraising, and economic development.

Over the years, as a leading events management company, we have developed excellent long-term working relationships with many well-known global brands across industries and geographies.

Event Management in UAE

Rujia Marketing Management is all about applying our tried and tested event management abilities & expertise to plan, design, and execute events of all sizes – from the smallest meetings to the largest conferences and everything in between, the team at Emerald is here to cater to it all. This includes Festivals, Exhibitions, Award Ceremonies, Expos, Conferences, Team Building Activities, Formal Parties, Gala Dinners, Concerns, Networking Events, Charity Balls, Large Conventions and Golf Days. In the broader picture, it involves us acquiring a thorough understanding of the brand, determining the right the target audience for the brand and event at large, developing the overall concept of the event, planning the logistics and performing effective coordination between the multiple technical aspects before the launch of the event.

Social Media Event marketing in UAE

Social media plays an important role in the marketing of events such as conferences, exhibitions, concerts, product launches and all sorts of other activations. Social media platforms are the perfect place to market events since people are online to find out about what’s happening and going to happen in real-time. Social media actively supports the pre-event awareness stage, the activities that occur during the event and post-event marketing activities. A well-planned and delivered social media strategy for events can often be the difference between a moderately successful event and one that reaches and engages attendees and a wider audience for the future as well. We are the can carry out this process for you, using the right technique and strategies which leads to a successful social media campaign

VIP Client Management

Rujia Marketing Management is a Specialist Talent Company providing a Full Management Service for Celebrities, Talented Artists, Sports Stars, renowned Celebrity Chefs, Food & Wine Experts, TV Personalities and Influencers.
Rujia Markeing Management is a family company that concentrates on building the careers of its clients whilst providing successful event and media solutions for its customers. Not to be confused with a celebrity agency or speaker agency, we have close, personal relationships with our talented roster of individuals.
We can arrange everything from personal appearances, after-dinner, motivational, and key note speaking events with many of our clients having inspiring life stories and anecdotes that can lift morale, motivate, inspire, and empower an audience


Our photography will offer limitless publicity and brand development opportunities. You can use a single picture in ten different ways, enabling you to change your advertising and marketing campaigns to capitalize on customer trends. Unlike other photography services in Dubai, we manage both pre and post-production aspects.
All our work is done in-house using our experienced and professional team of professional photographer Dubai, photo developers, and editors to ensure you have full control over the entire project. When you’re ready to equip your company with expert editorial photographer Dubai services that will allow you to reach more customers, tell a deeper, more engaged brand story and position your company for long-term success

Glambot Neon

A real industrial robotic arm is filming the guests using a professional camera and lens in a futuristic neon environment.

A Hollywood level motion control technology allows to program the movements of the robot with unprecedented accuracy and repeatability.

Easily achieve a true WOW-effect at your event, expo or presentation.

Event Hostess

In any event, it is essential to have people managing the program and leading the guests to ensure everything goes according to plan. For businesses launching a new product or service, or for companies hosting a corporate event, our professional event hostesses can help you make sure things go smoothly for a successful occasion.
Our female hosts are well-trained and experienced in handling a myriad of events, including trade shows, road shows, corporate gatherings, black tie events, and company and product launches, among many others.