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Rujia Marketing Management is all about applying our tried and tested event management abilities & expertise to plan, design, and execute events of all sizes – from the smallest meetings to the largest conferences and everything in between, the team at Emerald is here to cater to it all. This includes Festivals, Exhibitions, Award Ceremonies, Expos, Conferences, Team Building Activities, Formal Parties, Gala Dinners, Concerns, Networking Events, Charity Balls, Large Conventions and Golf Days. In the broader picture, it involves us acquiring a thorough understanding of the brand, determining the right the target audience for the brand and event at large, developing the overall concept of the event, planning the logistics and performing effective coordination between the multiple technical aspects before the launch of the event.

Whether your goal is to provide new and valuable industry insight to your stakeholders, facilitate relationship-building among your employees or secure promising talents for your company, we guarantee that our team is working hard to ensure your objectives are met. With our strong background and expertise in corporate event management in Dubai, Rujia Event Management sees to it that your corporate event exceeds your audience’s expectation, while following your budget and adhering to your brand identity.

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Drive consumer action—consultation, subscription or purchase — with an impactful Mosaic Live brand activation event. As a dedicated event company, our team will put your brand on the map and build transformational experiences that create a positive company image. More importantly, Mosaic Live weaves unique, personalised experiences that set your brand apart from the competition.