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Opening a bank account in Dubai

You can open a bank account in Dubai for personal purposes as well as for your company operating locally or for conducting international business.
Dubai is a business place which enjoys the presence of some of the largest global banks as well as a number of local or regional banks which offer a wide variety of banking solutions to cater to every business need.
Nowadays, Dubai has become a major banking jurisdiction and, if you want to open bank account in Dubai, all you have to know is you can take advantage of the business environment and all the opportunities.

Where to open a bank account in Dubai?

There are four types of banks that operate in the UAE where you can open a bank account, as follows:
– Commercial banks
– Investment banks
– Industrial banks
– Islamic banks
You can open an account in Dubai at whichever bank best suits your needs. This is where we can offer you assistance and help you out deciding for your best.With us, opening a bank account, whether personal or corporate, is easier than ever.
Are you an investor? Are you a business’s representative relocating in UAE? Dubai is the place to give your business a boost by opening a bank account here!

Business bank account Dubai

Choosing a financial institution to open a business bank account is an important and crucial task that has to be solved during the company registration in Dubai.
The list of documents to be prepared prior to the application process of opening a business bank account in Dubai:
  • Business activity information including possible disclosure of contracts, invoices and clients
  • Business plans and financial projections for the short to medium term
  • Information about management and shareholders
  • Board of directors’ resolution approving the opening of the bank account, where applicable
  • Company documents such as the certificate of incorporation, trade licence, share holders’ certificates, memorandum and articles of association
  • Passport, residence visa and emirates ID copies of all directors, signatories and shareholders.
Our services include assistance for opening bank accounts for our corporate clients or individuals and, depending from case to case, the banks can ask for certain documents.

Non-resident bank account in Dubai

Several experts in the banking sector claim that Dubai is the ideal banking heaven for people and business organizations from around the world. The banking system of Dubai is suitable for everyone and it welcomes everyone.
A non-resident can have many benefits and it might create a win-win situation for both the Dubai government and banking sector.
Yet, non-residents have certain limitations, especially individuals. The limitations consist of the possibility of opening only savings bank account with most of the banks, and not a current account. Also, the bank account holder has to be present when opening the account – this is mandatory all over the UAE.

Do you need professional assistance with opening a bank account in Dubai?

We can help you open business and personal bank accounts in Dubai. A professional firm with regional focus and having a global representation, UAE Free Zones covers all aspects of doing business in the UAE and the GCC countries. While based in the UAE, we offer comprehensive services for doing business in the Middle East including all the Free Trade Zone and offshore company formation. We have already rendered our assistance to more than 1000 companies to set up their operations in UAE
UAE Free Zones provides complete bank account opening services to its clients along with the assistance for your business setup in Dubai.
Bank Guarantee For Business SetUp

A bank guarantee is given to a company or an individual regardless of the capacity, of the entity. Thus, a nominal understanding or fee is charged between the parties involved. Some business activities in the UAE require bank guarantees to make an investment or hold a working capital. Rujia Business Setup helps companies with a short-term bank guarantee facility that can be valid for 3 days to 10 days.

There are mainly two parties involved in the process of Bank Guarantee – Principal Debtor and Beneficiary for the bank. Rujia Business Setup assist you by becoming an enacting principal debtor making you the beneficiary. Through this, Rujia enhances the creditworthiness of your company to secure a bank guarantee.

There are various types of bank guarantee that a business may require, to know more on how Rujia Business Setup can assist you with the best banking facilities in UAE, speak to our experts!