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Our Client Management Service

Rujia Marketing Management is a Specialist Talent Company providing a Full Management Service for Celebrities, Talented Artists, Sports Stars, renowned Celebrity Chefs, Food & Wine Experts, TV Personalities and Influencers.
Rujia Markeing Management is a family company that concentrates on building the careers of its clients whilst providing successful event and media solutions for its customers. Not to be confused with a celebrity agency or speaker agency, we have close, personal relationships with our talented roster of individuals.
We can arrange everything from personal appearances, after-dinner, motivational, and key note speaking events with many of our clients having inspiring life stories and anecdotes that can lift morale, motivate, inspire, and empower an audience.
We provide comprehensive media and publishing solutions for TV, radio and film and all print platforms. A number of our clients are brand ambassadors and influencers, raising the profile of brands and extending brand audience reach. We also have access to some of the most talented Michelin Star chefs, pâtissiers and sommeliers in the world who provide truly unique experiences for corporate and private events.
We have adapted to the current climate by providing full on-line appearances, webinars and on-line interviews, using platforms such as Zoom and Teams which means our customers can still benefit from the additional appeal and on-line footfall of their web event by having a celebrity or recognised personality as part of their on-line conference or webinar.
Rujia Markeing Management we work with companies, organisations and individuals both in the UK and abroad to help build, motivate, excite and generate the appeal of events, brands and media platforms and we always aim to exceed our customers and clients expectations.