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Article marketing can be a great way to build site traffic. Article marketing is submitting articles to directories so others can post them to their websites as content. Each time someone publishes your essay, you get a link back to your site, sometimes two. You get traffic company website, and they get great content. It’s a win-win situation, and th is article will explain how it’s done.

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Start a blog on your company website. This blog can and should contain helpful information for people needing your products or services. If the information you give is thought out and informative, they will come back to your site, again and again, to see what else you have written.


With so many different people online, you want to ensure that the correct target audience is viewing your advertisements. If your company sells women’s purses, it would not be very beneficial or profitable to market your product on a men’s health site. Knowing your target audience could mean the difference between steady sales and slow business.

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Search out guest blogging positions. Blogs often search for someone to do a guest spot for them, and if you are lucky enough or a good enough writer, you will be chosen to write an article for them. Use this position to plug your website and the product you are writing about.

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Research your writer. If you outsource your writing to another person, check up on them consistently. It would help if you were sure their writing was unique and original. Use a search engine to check out pieces of their work, as you want to avoid including your name on something copied or unoriginal.

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