Rujia Marketing Management


We specialise in helping creative brands grow.

We‘ll support you to to build a targeted, commercially-led and achievable new business strategy focused on winning you ROI in both the short and long term.

Our Approach

Each agency is different and client needs vary. So, we prefer to adopt a flexible and bespoke approach to working with you. 

However, generally we start with a three-stage process:

First Step

Working alongside you to assess your business goals then developing a new business plan that is line with your business objectives.

Second Step

Writing a roadmap and fulfilling on these plans to create robust opportunities in the form of meetings, briefs and pitches

Third Step

Collaborating closely with you to nurture these leads and develop them into new business

Our Services

What we do

Our approach is to focus on engaging with a closely targeted group of prospects. This means that we establish rapport, develop relationships and uncover key challenges in order to gain qualified opportunities in the form of meetings, briefs, pitches and immediate projects. We can also train your staff across all the above areas ensuring continuity of growth.

We provide board-level strategic consultancy services and training. These include Roadmap workshops and sales, presentation and communications training programmes which lead to business development test strategy in its truest sense. The combination of these underpin and implement the business plan we’ve developed with you.

Our work is holistic, providing a considered blend of the following services:

We can offer all levels of consultancy support; from the initial in-depth analysis of your strengths through to how you tackle a pitch process.

Our programme of communications training, mentoring and support can help new business professionals, account management teams and agency owners all build their new business skills.

A successful outcome will mean your team are all well equipped to deal with the challenges and opportunities ahead.