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The Security Operations Experts. Rujiamm delivers 24x7 cybersecurity protection to keep your organization ahead of evolving threats.


Observations Arctic Wolf tracks every week.


Investigations by CST on average every week.


Average incidents escalated to the customer each week.

for a Changing

Hackers never give up.

Malware. Ransomware. Phishing. The number and variety of attacks continues to grow, making efficient cybersecurity difficult for most organizations. And with a drastic shortage in trained cybersecurity professionals, today’s environment has become increasingly complicated and dangerous.

Don’t become the next target. Fight back.

Hunt Down Cybersecurity
Before They Impact Your Business

Network Inspection

Continuous network traffic inspection that detects malicious activity to/from suspicious IP addresses and domains

Threat Detection

Identifies malicious files/EXEs, malicious traffic, bad IP addresses/domains, and lateral movement through Windows event log and Sysmon monitoring

24×7 Monitoring

A cloud-based SOC staffed by security analysts who monitor your on-premises and cloud resources 24×7