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Our oil & gas team helps clients meet the complex trade challenges they face Our oil & gas trading team has many years of experience working with government owned producers, leading oil traders and energy multinationals. This has given us critical insight into how to put together deals, assess risks and advise on trading issues and the financing, transport and supply of oil and gas.

We advise on trading and operational disputes, covering matters of quality, quantity, contamination and shortage, and on letter of credit disputes and contracts for physical sale and purchase. Our derivatives practice has grown out of our traditional strengths in the international trading market. Management of commodity price, freight, currency exchange and interest risks have become an everyday part of this sophisticated market. We also advise on a wide range of derivatives products.

Oil is one of the world’s most traded commodities and presents many challenges, not least the close association between the oil price and the politics of some of the world’s most volatile regions. This instability continues to contribute to the high level of market speculation in relation to pricing and future availability.

Quick, commercially focused advice on soft commodities trading transactions and disputes Our soft commodities team is experienced in a wide range of commodities including grains, sugar, rice, nuts, soya, coffee, oils and seeds. We have one of the largest international soft commodity legal teams and our clients include some of the world’s major commodities trading houses, financiers and insurers.

From production through to sales and distribution, we guide our clients through the contractual and financial complexities of the market, from structuring existing and new investments, to setting up supply and production agreements, to shipment and supply chain management. We also advise on issues concerning fertilisers.

We have significant experience in resolving soft commodity disputes including a large number of substantial arbitrations through the main arbitral centres and the trade association arbitration rules, such as GAFTA, FOSFA, IGPA and the Refined Sugar Association.


We deal in large quantity of OIL all over the world. We deal in gasoline, bitume, white spirit, fuel oil etc.


We deal in large quantity of GAS all over the world. We deal in liquefied petroleum gas and LNG