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Within the Trade & Commodities sector we specialise in hard and soft commodities, oil, gas, LNG and power, as well as newer disciplines such as carbon trading.

Our clients include governments, producers, trading companies, logistics groups, refineries, banks and insurers. We help them overcome trading challenges and resolve complex issues such as geo-political risk and the impact of multi-jurisdictional regulations.

Today’s trade and commodities corporate landscape is characterised by complex, integrated operations, joint ventures, strategic alliances and collaborations as well as mergers and acquisitions. We support clients as they strive to achieve efficiency, whether that be through expansion into new markets or focus on a particular specialism.

We are brokers for sellers and buyers across the world, we have vast connection list and have brokered deals all over the world. We have team in Dubai, London and China that solely work to process a smooth transaction with complete transparency


We deal in large quantity of OIL all over the world. We deal in gasoline, bitume, white spirit, fuel oil etc.


We deal in large quantity of GAS all over the world. We deal in liquefied petroleum gas and LNG

Energy Trading

Our energy trading team has a deep understanding of the global energy supply chain and helps clients to navigate successfully through difficult markets. 

Soft Comodities

Our soft commodities team is experienced in a wide range of commodities including grains, sugar, rice, nuts, soya, coffee, oils and seeds. 

Transport & Logistics

Our market leading transportation & logistics team acts for global shipping and logistics companies and for traders and end users 

Warehouse & Storage

We deal in large quantity of GAS all over the world. We deal in liquefied petroleum gas and LNG

FX Global Trading

Stay on top of your FX operations and manage exposure to volatile foreign exchange markets with our cost-effective FX solutions.


With a wide network of reliable partners and suppliers, we have the capability to serve clients across various industries and geographical locations.